Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence Michael Hutchence Michael Hutchence Michael Hutchence

Richard first met Michael Hutchence in 1989 when he was 16.

Michael was staying at a hotel in Sydney called The Sebel Town House, Richard waited to get Michael’s autograph at the hotel and that meeting changed the rest of Richard’s life.

“When I first met Michael I didn’t know what charisma was but I did know that Michael was special”. Two months later Richard found out that INXS were recording their X album at Rhinoceros Recording studios in Sydney.

“It was January 1990 and my summer school holidays had just started, I went to the studios to see if I could meet Michael and the rest of the guys from INXS again”
Richard spent the entire 6 weeks of his school holidays at the studios.

“I was having so much fun at the studios I decided to leave school and become a fulltime pupil at “Rhinos”. I had wanted to become a photographer and Michael was letting me practice my photography on him, there was also other celebrities visiting the studio at the time plus Michael was dating Kylie Minogue so I was getting access to some very private moments and innocently capturing many of these moments on film”
Richard spent five months at the studios with INXS.

“My life was kinda like the kid in the movie Almost Famous, it was an incredible time”

Michael took Richard under his wing and they formed a friendship that would last until Michael’s passing in November 1997. During those eight years Richard took hundreds of photos of Michael.

In 2015 Richard released his beautiful coffee table book about his times with Michael called’ Michael In Pictures.

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