Richard Simpkin

Richard Simpkin – Photographer – Author – Artist – Founder World Letter Writing Day - Designer

Richard Simpkin has been working as a photographer internationally for 25 years.

He started out as a starstruck teenager candidly snapping photos of his idols which lead to him meeting rock ‘n’ roll superstar Michael Hutchence. Michael took the then teenager under his wing and allowed him to practice his photography on him.

He has met and photographed thousands of celebrities such as: Nelson Mandela, Audrey Hepburn, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, U2 and Taylor Swift.

With over five thousand celebrity selfies to his name, Richard is credited with having one of the worlds largest celebrity selfie collections.
His photographic exhibition, Richard and Famous, has been shown in art galleries around the world. In 2013, he was nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Borse Photography Prize.

Richard is the best selling author of 5 books:
Australian Legends – 2005
Richard and Famous – 2007
100 Australian Legends - 2014
Michael In Pictures  (Michael Hutchence) – 2015
Richard Simpkin’s Celebrity Quotes – 2016

Whilst working on both editions of his Australian Legends books; Richard personally met, photographed and interviewed over 100 Iconic Australian’s. From Don Bradman and Joan Sutherland to Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch.

Richard travels widely to give public talks about his Richard and Famous exhibition, his books and World Letter Writing Day which he founded in 2014.

He appears regularly in the media speaking about his books, exhibitions and his insights into the celebrity world, which he has been a part of for 30 years.

Richard now sells his original art which can be made into everything from framed prints to phone cases, bags, clothing and various other items.

To view his online store please visit: https://www.threadless.com/@RichardSimpkin